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My NSIS installer is giving a error code of 80 when I attempt to copy/overwrite a folder. I think it may have to do with the fact that the folder I am attempting to copy to the users HD already exists. But in my case I will always want to overwrite it.

What does the error code 80 mean?

Heres my code:

# Write plugins to EXDS_Customisation\EXDS_USER\
SetOverwrite try
SetOutPath "$INSTDIR\EXDS_User\"
FILE /r "${localInstallDir}\EXDS_Customisation\EXDS_User\${MAINPLUGINSDIR}"

${If} ${Errors}
    System::Call "Kernel32::GetLastError() i() .r1"
    # Prints: "Error code: 80"
    MessageBox MB_ICONINFORMATION|MB_OK "Error code: $1 "
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If you always want to overwrite, why are you using Try and not SetOverwrite On?

Using System::Call "Kernel32::GetLastError()... is never valid. System::Call has a special ?e option but it is not useful in your case. You cannot get specific error information from NSIS, all you have is just the error flag...

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