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I trying to save a id-number from a model like this:

x_value = Info.where("info_id='#{@infodata[:educationInfoRef]}'").select(:id)

In the terminal it returns correct, but when I save it to the db it saves the value like this: #<ActiveRecord::Relation:0x007f884b48c788>

And when I print it from the terminal it returns nil.

Why? How can I saved the actual value?

I am using rails 3.

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can you give more of your code? –  Zippie Mar 19 '13 at 0:09

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First things first. This code is prone to sql injection if @infodata was built using user input. change your code to

x_value = Info.where(info_id: @infodata[:educationInfoRef]).select(:id)

Let's talk about your issue. You forgot to call .first so it will return a record. As an example, try this.

info = Info.where(info_id: @infodata[:educationInfoRef]).first
info.id # returns the id of the record
info.info_id # returns the value of @infodata[:educationInfoRef]
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