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Using Scala under Play Framework 2.1 I want to serve multiple domains using the same code base and database. Can't find anything on this for the latest version under Scala.

I'm building a multi-site CMS sort of like Magento and need to be able to detect the domain/hostname and pull a different entry from the database based on the domain being requested.

How do I detect which domain is being requested within Scala so I can serve the proper content?

I was thinking something like this in Global.scala could work:

import play.api._

object Global extends GlobalSettings {

  override def onStart(app: Application) {
    //detect domain host here
    //set global variable for which domain to use when interacting with the DB


Or would this be something that needs to be handled in the routes file?

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You can use the play.api.mvc.Call.absoluteURL method to retrieve the full URL of a controller.

As example:

val url = controllers.routes.Index.view().absoluteURL()

You need a implicit RequestHeader in scope for this call. I think the best solution to detect the URL globally, is to use the filter API.

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