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Topic modeling identifies distribution of topics in a document collection, which effectively identifies the clusters in the collection. So is it right to say that topic modeling is a technique to do document clustering?

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A topic is quite different from a cluster of docs, after all, a topic is not composed of docs.

However, these two techniques are indeed related. I believe Topic Modeling is a viable way of deciding how similar documents are, hence a viable way for document clustering.

In representing each document as a topic distribution (actually a vector), topic modeling techniques reduce the feature dimensionality from number of distinct words appeared (in a corpus) to the number of topics. Similarity between docs' Topic distributions can be calculated using Cosine metrics and many other metrics, which reflect the similarity of the docs themselves in terms of the topics/themes they cover. Based on this quantified similarity measure, many clustering algorithms can be applied to group the documents.

And in this sense, I think it is right to say that topic modeling is a technique to do document clustering.

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