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Similar problem to this question but the solution provided did not fix my problem. Carrierwave processed images not uploading to S3

Using Railscast #383 as basis for code:

The image is successfully uploaded to S3 using carrierwave_direct. I want to process the images in the background with sidekiq and then upload to S3.

The sidekiq worker completes the image processing without error but the processed images (:thumb and :large) are stored locally in the public/uploads folder.

Any idea why the processed images are not being uploaded to S3?


class ImageUploader < CarrierWave::Uploader::Base

include CarrierWave::MiniMagick

storage :fog

include CarrierWave::MimeTypes
process :set_content_type

include Sprockets::Helpers::RailsHelper
include Sprockets::Helpers::IsolatedHelper

version :thumb do
  process :resize_to_limit => [200, 200]

version :large do
  process :resize_to_limit => [600, 400]

def extension_white_list
   %w(jpg jpeg gif png)


class Photo < ActiveRecord::Base
attr_accessible  :name, :image, :remote_image_url, :user_id
mount_uploader :image, ImageUploader

belongs_to :user

after_commit :enqueue_image, :on => :create

has_many :comments, as: :commentable

def image_name
        File.basename(image.path || image.filename) if image

def enqueue_image
    ImageWorker.perform_async(id, key) if key.present?

class ImageWorker
    include Sidekiq::Worker
    sidekiq_options retry: false

        def perform(id, key)
          photo = Photo.find(id)
          photo.key = key
          photo.remote_image_url = photo.image.direct_fog_url(with_path: true)



class PhotosController < ApplicationController

 def index
  @photos = Photo.all
  @uploader =
  @uploader.success_action_redirect = new_photo_url


<%= direct_upload_form_for @uploader do |f| %>
  <p><%= f.file_field :image %></p>
  <p><%= f.submit "Upload Photo" %></p>
<% end %>


 CarrierWave.configure do |config|
   config.fog_credentials = {
    provider: "AWS",
    aws_access_key_id: ENV["AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID"],
    aws_secret_access_key: ENV["AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY"]
  config.fog_directory = ENV["AWS_S3_BUCKET"]

initializers/fog.rb *added this based on the response to the question linked above

CarrierWave.configure do |config|
  config.fog_credentials = {
    :provider               => 'AWS',
    :aws_access_key_id      => ENV["AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID"],
    :aws_secret_access_key  => ENV["AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY"],
   :region                 => 'us-east-1'

 config.fog_directory = ENV["AWS_S3_BUCKET"]
 config.fog_public = true
 config.fog_attributes = {'Cache-Control' => 'max-age=315576000'} 
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what does your config/initializers/carrierwave.rb look like? – Francois Mar 19 '13 at 6:04
updated question – Matt Hartwig Mar 19 '13 at 23:50
Try renaming your bucket to something with no dashes undersoces or numbers, eg. myawesomewebsitedotcom – Francois Mar 20 '13 at 5:47
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In my uploaders folder I had copied my original uploader and renamed it 'image_uploader_file.rb'. I then modified the origial version 'image_uploader.rb' to use fog and S3. I assumed that carrierwave would only use 'image_uploader.rb' but it appears that it loaded both files. The old version used local storage so that is where carrierwave stored the images. Once I deleted 'image_uploader_file.rb' the processed images were properly uploaded to S3.

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