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I have been stuck into this for quite sometime now. Have a legacy code[in C] that worked on some linux flavors. I am trying to port it on to iOS. I am running the app on iPhone 6.1 simulator

I am trying to use semaphores, by opening one as:-

sem_t * ptr_sem = NULL;

ptr_sem = sem_open("robin", O_CREAT , S_IXUSR | S_IRGRP, 0);

if (ptr_sem == SEM_FAILED) {
    printf("\nerror number:%d", errno);

    return -1;
} else {
    printf("\n semaphore creation errno: %d", errno);
    return 0;

This code returns 0 every time it is run. It is worth a note that for every new semaphore name, errno is 22 [EINVAL] for the first time, and for all subsequent sem_open attempts [even after closing the simulator], errno is set to 13[EACCES]. Also, the return value of the pointer returned is an invalid memory address [0x000..5]. I have checked some similar questions above - tried doing an unlink before open, but it also didn't work for me.

Can anyone let me know whats the problem in the above code.

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