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What is the difference between HTML Container Control and HTML Generic Control in How can their properties be changed?

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Please go through this msdn link , you get the idea

HTMl Generic Controls

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HtmlContainerControl Class

Serves as the abstract base class for HTML server controls that map to HTML elements that are required to have an opening and a closing tag.

The most common controls with a closing tag are the <form>, <table>, <tr>, <td>, <a>, and <span> elements.

The InnerText and InnerHtml properties allow you to manipulate the content between the opening and closing tags of HtmlContainerControl-derived controls.

HtmlGenericControl Class

Defines the methods, properties, and events for all HTML server control elements not represented by a specific .NET Framework class.

Use this class to represent an HTML server control element not directly represented by a .NET Framework class, such as <span>, <div>, <body>, or <font>.

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So we can use HtmlGenericControl in all contexts, right? Is there any advantage if HtmlContainerControls is used instead. – Subin Jacob Mar 19 '13 at 8:56

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