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So, I am trying to rename excel files like "test_09182009.xlsx" to "test.xlsx" and would like to overwrite the file if it already exists. This was working for me on my local machine or so I thought but doesn't seem to be working with a network directory at all. Anyone have any ideas?

my $sourceDir = "\\networkPath\;

opendir ( DIR, $sourceDir );

foreach my $fileName (readdir(DIR)) 

    if (index($fileName, '_') != -1) 
        rename($fileName, substr($fileName,0,index($fileName, '_')).".xlsx");

So I think I have it isolated to when the script is not in the working directory of the file being renamed. Is there a way to specify that with rename parameters?

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Is this running in Windows? – summea Mar 19 '13 at 6:06
yes it is!!!!!! – hodor hodor Mar 19 '13 at 6:07
You're not checking the return value of opendir. If you did, you'd probably see that it's returning an error. – hobbs Mar 19 '13 at 7:50

One of the things that people always find confusing about readdir (and equivalents in other languages) is that it only returns file names within a directory. It does not return paths to files. So if you are in /home/example and you call readdir on /tmp/example that contains files a and b, what you get back from readdir is just a, not /tmp/example/a.

In general, whenever you use the results of readdir, you need to either qualify the file with the directory name or change directories to the directory that you're calling readdir on.

In this specific case, add:

my $filePath = $sourceDir . $fileName;

to the top of your loop (I assume that $sourceDir has a trailing backslash in your actual code; the code you pasted doesn't actually close the quote) and then act on $filePath, not $fileName. (You will need to tweak this answer if the $sourceDir can contain an underscore; in that case, you may want to generate the transformed file name first and then qualify them both with $sourceDir before doing the rename.)

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Try using forward slashes instead of backslashes. Such as

my $sourceDir = "//networkPath/";

That was worked with Active Perl in our Windows environment.

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