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I want to route output of one http rest sevice to another through camel. Can someone help me how to do that?

The requirement is to call one httpURL - http://someserver/path/service1 and transfer its output to another httpURL - http://someserver/path/service2 and finally display output of this service2 to user.

So can anybody help me how to do that or any link doing same?

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You can use something like this. http://someserver:8080/path/service1?matchOnUriPrefix=true"/> http://someserver:8090/path/service2?bridgeEndpoint=true?throwExceptionOnFailure=false"/>

Note that you specified the same server "someserver", but you may want to specify another server or port where the "true" service is located, depending on where it is hosted. I added port numbers in the example.

(Example from here)

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