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I am a newbie to weblogic and currently trying to learn it. I have installed weblogic, Oracle XE, and also create a schema. However, when I installed osb, I can't run config.exe (directory: C:\oracle\Middleware\home_11gR1\wlserver_10.3\common\bin ) to create a domain. my computer is Windows7 64bit. I try to run config.exe as Administrator but no response.

Also, in the Start Menu, when I click the shortcut of config.exe or uninstall in the Oracle OSB 11g - Home1 folder, it just say I don't have access permissions.

when I installed SOA, I alse met the same problem like OSB. I have installed these software in other PC which run windows XP, and there is no problem happen!

Here is the software I need to install

  • WebLogic
  • Oracle XE
  • soa
  • osb

So anyone can help? Thanks in advance.


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Do you have admin rights? If so can you try right clicking and choosing "run as administrator"?

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