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I am using cake php version 1.3.11 and using 2 tables one is article_category and second one is articles. On article category storing article category name and articles table using for articles details with article category id.

I create a article controller to list category wise article list. Now that url display is like this mysite/articles/index/<article_category_id> Instead of that type listing I would like to display url like this mysite/<article_category_name>/index How can I do that?

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Ok, couple of things there.

Conventions follow Cookbook for more and better understanding

  1. Your article_category should have been just categories.
  2. article_category type of names are used for join tables (many-to-many relationships) for HABTM type relations. Even as a join table, it should have been articles_categories. You can use Inflectore::pluralize('singularname') to create plural cases.follow Cookbook for more

CakePHP has a Router Class, that handles connecting custom routes. It is located in App/Config/route.php. You can use it to meet almost any URL demands.

Now for the solution,

  • Modify your categories (article_category in your case) table to contain a field called slug. I would recommend having slug as compared to name.
  • Define a new route follow CookBook for more

    // In app/Config/routes.php 
        '/articles/index/:id-:slug', // E.g. /articles/index/3-technology
        array('controller' => 'articles', 'action' => 'index'),
        // order matters since this will simply map ":id" to $articleId in your action
            'pass' => array('id', 'slug'),
            'id' => '[0-9]+'
  • modify your controller action to accept slug

    public function index( $id, $slug = null ) {
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