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I'm building a website with a geolocation function. It shows a user points of interests around them. Everything works fine, but the usability should be smoother. At the end I have a button. If a user clicks the button, it opens a new website with the POIs. Therefore I have two key questions:

  • 1) WHEN should I ask the browser (with javascript) for the latitude and longitude?

  • 1a) Should I implement this in every page respectively in my layout that I have this information permanently? I could load a javascript which loads the data in a hidden form on every page. if the button is pressed, the form will be sent as post or get.

  • 1b) If the button is clicked, a blank page loads the javascript to get the position and calls after the POIs-Page. Could take a little bit a longer time to load two pages from the server with javascript between.

  • 2) What is common around geolocation to pass the geodata to a website? (Both would work for me)

  • 2a) With GET in the url

  • 2b) With POST via a (hidden) form?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you about best practice. Thank you in advance!

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I can answer one of the questions: If the location and points of interest change in the transition between pages then you need implement that each page individually, otherwise, I think you can do this once (maybe on Load) and save the information in session to transfer it between the pages. –  Hodaya Shalom Mar 19 '13 at 7:17

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