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I have limited network connection with only few port opened (80,443,...) and I also have server without these limits which is out of limited network.

Is there any way how to tunnel through one port to all other ports? I can install whatever I want on my server - Currently there is Ubuntu server 12.

Can you suggest me any solution? If there is any.

Thanks for advance.

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I'll point you to this question on super user:

The top suggestions are to give sshuttle a go and since you are using Linux this would be a good choice.

But also Linux has inbuilt support for this, you can find details using man ssh:

 The following example would connect client network with
 remote network, provided that the SSH server running on the
 gateway to the remote network, at, allows it:

   # ssh -f -w 0:1 true
   # ifconfig tun0 netmask

The one thing that wasn't mentioned is setting up a VPN, but you can only do that if you have port 1723 open (for PPTP).

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