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I could really use your expertise in XNA and modelling; I have a 3D tilegrid stored in an array[,,] in a project using the XNA libraries.

My tiles are 32x32x32 and I want my 3D model to be in the same size; Or better said: I want my model to fit barely into the tile. I just don't know how to get the model to a proper size; I have the position worked out and good, but I also need the scale to be just as good.

(I find that hardcoding it in for each model would be way too ugly).

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You can set the scale of the model without needing to hardcode it in your game. Just right click the model in the solution explorer and select properties. in the properties window, expand the content processor line and set a scale in the scale line. Then when you run your game, the model will just be to that scale without you needing to write any code. You may need to play with the number you enter there but once you get it, your done.

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So there's no way for me to be able to fit a model into the tilesize through coding? The reason is that if I'm going to create a leveleditor then having an editable scale of the model codewise would be saving a lot of time, performance and space. – Pshycoone Mar 19 '13 at 14:06

You need to determine the size of your model manually, then scale accordingly.

You do this by hand, enumerating through model/meshes/meshParts/vertex data, updating min/max as if you were building an Axis Aligned Bounding Box (see here for a code sample).

In stead of building an actual bounding box object, you simply calculate dimensions as max-min, determine the most stringent one (the larges dimension) and scale accordingly (scale = (32 - epsilon) / dimension).

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