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I want to add an install directive (i.e.: I want to have make install do the right thing) to google mock and google test frameworks in CMake as I need them to be cross compiled.

Since this is an external library I want to keep changes rather non-inversive. Is there a possibility to get CMake File Globbing working to glob a subdirectory without using GLOB_RECURSE?

the problem I encounter with gtest is that include/gtest/interal gets flattened by the function I defined if I glob recursively. Hence files in the directory include/gtest/internal get installed to ${prefix}/include/gtest instead ${prefix}/include/gtest/internal

if possible I'd like to not add CMakeLists.txt files in the include directories.

function(install_header dest_dir)
    foreach(header ${ARGN})
        install(FILES include/${header}
            DESTINATION include/google/${dest_dir}

# doesn't work with GLOB
# but works with GLOB_RECURSE -- however copies more than intended
file(GLOB headers RELATIVE ${gtest_SOURCE_DIR}/include/ *.h.pump *.h )
file(GLOB internalheaders RELATIVE ${gtest_SOURCE_DIR}/include/gtest/internal/ *.h.pump *.h )
if(NOT headers)
message(FATAL_ERROR "headers not found")
if(NOT internalheaders)
message(FATAL_ERROR "headers not found")

install_header(gtest ${headers})
install_header(gtest/internal ${internalheaders})
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Have you considered install(DIRECTORY ... FILES_MATCHING ...)? –  Angew Mar 19 '13 at 13:19
@Angew Oh dear. I must've been blind. that looks a ton less of everything. –  Alex Mar 19 '13 at 13:21

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Turning my comment into an answer.

I believe you should be able to achieve what you intend with install(DIRECTORY ...):

  DIRECTORY ${gtest_SOURCE_DIR}/include/  #notice trailing slash - will not append "include" to destination
  DESTINATION include/google/gtest
  FILES_MATCHING PATTERN "*.h.pump" PATTERN "*.h"  # install only files matching a pattern
  PATTERN REGEX "/internal/" EXCLUDE  # ignore files matching this pattern (will be installed separately)

  DIRECTORY ${gtest_SOURCE_DIR}/include/gtest/internal  #notice no trailing slash - "internal" will be appended to destination
  DESTINATION include/google/gtest
  FILES_MATCHING PATTERN "*.h.pump" PATTERN "*.h"  # install only files matching a pattern

I am not familiar with gtest directory structure; the above assumes the headers are in include and in include/gtest/internal. If the headers you're interested in reside in include/gtest and include/gtest/internal, you can add gtest to the first directory name, and get rid of the EXCLUDE pattern and the second install command.

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unfortunately, this doesn't help me at all. as the zip file is checked in and not the source. and implementing a patcher is more expensive that installing the 10 header files somehow else .. –  Alex Mar 20 '13 at 12:56

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