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I am totally new to gumby and css frameworks in general. I have been to http://gumbyframework.com but was unable to find a simple beginners guide eg how to include the css files to your web page. A simple hello world tutorial would be appreciated.

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A good way of learning about how something works is by reverse engineering it. You can do this by checking out their github demo here

Look how they add their css files in relation to where their css files are located. Hopefully this helps you learn something rather than just getting the answer for free ;)

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Thanks, will do that –  Leroy Kayanda Mar 19 '13 at 13:15

Tutsplus has a nice straight forward tutorial on Gumby framework, check this out http://hub.tutsplus.com/tutorials/introducing-gumby-an-alternative-css-framework--webdesign-15438

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Your link is broken –  Gary Oct 21 '14 at 1:18

For beginning you will find great tutorials onCss-tricks. In the search box try to find a basic tuto.

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