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I found that Testflight is supporting application uploading through API call http://testflightapp.com/api/builds.format. It accepts application package, dsyms, application info and other.

So my question is next: Is there any automatic script for xcode which will upload build into Testflight after "archive" operation? Share the links, please.


1) Follow this manual and setup post-execution script

2) Remove Replace "echo" strings with next rule:

# (Above line comes out when placing in Xcode scheme)

SIGNING_IDENTITY="iPhone Developer"
PROVISIONING_PROFILE="${HOME}/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles/<YOUR-PROFILE-NAME>.mobileprovision"
GROWL="/usr/bin/terminal-notifier -title Xcode -message"

DATE=$( /bin/date +"%Y-%m-%d" )
ARCHIVE=$( /bin/ls -t "${HOME}/Library/Developer/Xcode/Archives/${DATE}" | /usr/bin/grep xcarchive | /usr/bin/sed -n 1p )

#/usr/bin/open -a /Applications/Utilities/Console.app $LOG

#echo -n "Creating .ipa for ${PRODUCT_NAME}... " > $LOG
${GROWL} "Creating .ipa for ${PRODUCT_NAME}"

/bin/rm "/tmp/${PRODUCT_NAME}.ipa"
/usr/bin/xcrun -sdk iphoneos PackageApplication -v "${APP}" -o "/tmp/${PRODUCT_NAME}.ipa" --sign "${SIGNING_IDENTITY}" --embed "${PROVISIONING_PROFILE}"

#echo "done." >> $LOG
${GROWL} "Created .ipa for ${PRODUCT_NAME}"

#echo -n "Zipping .dSYM for ${PRODUCT_NAME}..." >> $LOG
${GROWL} "Zipping .dSYM for ${PRODUCT_NAME}"

/bin/rm "/tmp/${PRODUCT_NAME}.dSYM.zip"
/usr/bin/zip -r "/tmp/${PRODUCT_NAME}.dSYM.zip" "${DSYM}"

#echo "done." >> $LOG
${GROWL} "Created .dSYM for ${PRODUCT_NAME}"

#echo -n "Uploading to TestFlight... " >> $LOG
${GROWL} "Uploading to TestFlight"

/usr/bin/curl "http://testflightapp.com/api/builds.json" \
-F file=@"/tmp/${PRODUCT_NAME}.ipa" \
-F dsym=@"/tmp/${PRODUCT_NAME}.dSYM.zip" \
-F api_token="${API_TOKEN}" \
-F team_token="${TEAM_TOKEN}" \
-F notes="Build uploaded automatically from Xcode."

#echo "done." >> $LOG
${GROWL} "Uploaded to TestFlight"
/usr/bin/open "https://testflightapp.com/dashboard/builds/"

3) Reveal provision profile in finder: go to Organazier/Devices/Provision profiles, then right mouse on your profile, and click "Reveal in finder". Copy profile name and paste to PROVISIONING_PROFILE variable instead of <YOUR-PROFILE-NAME>

4) Open terminal and install terminal-notifier:

sudo gem install terminal-notifier

5) You're ready :)

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doesn't seem to upload for me. Although I do get the final notification, Uploaded to Testflight, but nothing has been uploaded. the notification "Uploaded" appears way to quick for a 15Mb upload, which makes me suspect the upload has failed without any warning. any tips? thanks –  Bach Jul 10 '13 at 1:31
Check for provision profile and SIGNING_IDENTITY is right. Is the file appear in /tmp ? –  Roman Truba Jul 10 '13 at 11:41

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Here is one nice tutorial..may be useful for you:


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Almost there :) here few notices: 1) to reveal PROVISIONING_PROFILE go to Organazier/Devices/Provision profiles, then right mouse on your profile, and click "Reveal in finder"; 2) you can use just "iPhone Developer" as SIGNING_IDENTITY; 3) instead of GROWL use terminal-notifier. –  Roman Truba Mar 19 '13 at 10:47

Here's a nice collection of utilities http://nomad-cli.com/

I ended up using Shenzen to automate builds and testflight deployments.

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Shenzen for me is broken right now. It does not seem to be under much active development. –  alper Aug 13 '13 at 12:03

I've also created a ruby gem for this if you want to integrate this into rake tasks:

gem install testflight_upload

source on my github here

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thanks @Miles +1 –  Rahul Gautam Feb 5 at 5:19

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