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How to generate WSDL to Client Stub for web Service in Titanium.

I have generated for Objective-C, using WSDL2Obj tool which create stub for Objective-C language.

Is there any Client stub generator for Titanium? or do I need to hard-code the web services call?

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I'm working a lot with Titanium but i never heard of a client stub generator for Titanium.

Since Titanium is 'advanced' JavaScript you could try to create a simple JavaScript stub and modify the request calls. But this might be some work because structure of JavaScript's XMLHttpRequest and Titaniums's Ti.Network.HTTPClient is really different in creation (constructor). The other methods (onload, onerror,...) are similar but also not equal.

In all the apps we made we had a fix implementation of our web service although we have our own stub generator for REST clients. But this wouldn't work well with JavaScript.

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