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I'm trying to create a right-click menu on the Outlook 2010 contacts view which returns all phone numbers for a contact

I have put in the following XML:

<contextMenu idMso="ContextMenuContactItem">
  <button id="MyContextMenuContactItem"
      label="Click to dial"

And this correctly displays the right click item on the contacts list when I right click. I have so far added the following code to the onAction:

Public Sub OnMyButtonClick(ByVal control As Office.IRibbonControl)
    Dim card As Office.IMsoContactCard = TryCast(control.Context, Office.IMsoContactCard)
    If card Is Nothing Then
        MsgBox("We have a card")
    End If
End Sub

The problem is here - and I always get nothing. I need to get 'Business Phone' for example ideally.

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Here's some C# code that accesses the ContactItem object you've selected in the Contacts Folder. I realize yours is VB, but since they'll both have access to the same object model, it should be just a matter of changing the syntax.

public void OnMyButtonClick(Office.IRibbonControl control)
    if (control.Context is Outlook.Selection)
        Outlook.Selection selected = control.Context as Outlook.Selection;

        var x = selected.GetEnumerator();
        if (x.Current is Outlook.ContactItem)
            Outlook.ContactItem card = x.Current as Outlook.ContactItem;
            Debug.Print(card.FirstName + "'s phone number: " + card.BusinessTelephoneNumber);
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Thank you so much :) –  Ian Mar 20 '13 at 9:30
For VB: Dim selected As Outlook.Selection = TryCast(control.Context, Outlook.Selection) Dim x As System.Collections.IEnumerator = selected.GetEnumerator x.MoveNext() Dim card As Outlook.ContactItem = TryCast(x.Current, Outlook.ContactItem) MsgBox(card.FirstName) –  Ian Mar 20 '13 at 9:31
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