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Hello, I'm struggling using multiple tkinter windows in python. Basicly, I have two classes which are also related to two different windows. The main class shows the main window (parentWindow) and the other class shows a secondWindow (childWindow). The following code starts the MainWindow:

root = Tkinter.Tk()
root.title ("GEMEINDESTECKBRIEF-Menü")
# My main Application
runGUI = MainWorkspaceConfig (root)
root.mainloop ()

So far there aren't any problems!

Now I'm trying to open a second Window calling a function in the Main Class (kind of onClickFunction to open the Window)

def opendirFactsheetHochwasserGebaeude (self) :
    #validates the workspace resp. database directory and
    #print self.checkFactsheet2.get()
    #print self.inputSpace1.get()

        if self.checkFactsheet2.get()==1 :

            if self.inputSpace1.get() or self.inputSpace2.get() != "":
                 #write workspace environment to __initFile__
                if self.inputSpace1.get() != "":
                    #Copy file in seperate thread
                if self.inputSpace2.get() != "":
                # !!!!!!! START SECOND WINDOW !!!!!
                facthwgeb = Tkinter.Tk()
                facthwgeb.title ("Factsheet Hochwasser-Gebäude")
                runGUI = Factsheet_hochwassergebaeude (facthwgeb)
                facthwgeb.mainloop ()
                #facthwgeb.protocol('WM_DELETE_WINDOW', runGUI.closeFactsheetHochwGeb)
            #self.inputSpace1.get() and self.inputSpace2.get () =="":
                tkMessageBox.showwarning ("Keine Arbeitsumgebung festgelegt", "Bitte entweder einen neuen Workspace anlegen oder eine bestehende Datenbank auswählen!")

Still everything works just fine!! The window opens as expected and also the GUI-widgets are displayed and useable. After finishing the given tasks the Window has to be closed and HERE ALL TROUBLE STARTS!!! To quit the Window I'm using a button with a command function which looks like this:

   def closeFactsheetHochwGeb (self):

        if self.inputSpace1.get() and self.inputSpace2.get() != "":

            with open('%s/__initFile__.txt'%os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__)), 'r') as file:
                    # read a list of lines into data
                    data = file.readlines()
                    data[13] = self.inputSpace1.get()+"\n"
                    data[14] = self.inputSpace2.get()+"\n"
                    # and write everything back
            with open('%s/__initFile__.txt'%os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__)), 'w') as file:
                    file.writelines( data )
            # self.tkinterFrame.destroy()

The self.tkinterFrame.quit() closes not just the secondWindow (childWindow) it also closes the MainWindow (parentWindow) too. The self.tkinterFrame.destroy() function clears all widget from the window but the window still is active and visible!!

So, any Ideas how to solve the problem? Would be thankful for any solutions!!!!!

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Don't make a second Tk() instance; you can/should have only one root.

Use a Toplevel widget for facthwgeb instead. Also, get rid of the facthwgeb.mainloop() call, as again, there should only be one call to this.

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Thanks for your message, I have tried Toplevel already and it don't changes the behavior of the self.tkinterFrame.quit() function at all! Is it possible to just clear facthwgeb.mainloop()?? –  freeski_52 Mar 19 '13 at 11:57
@freeski_52: Since your code doesn't explain where self.tkinterFrame comes from I can't be certain, but doesn't destroy() do what you want when you use a Toplevel widget? –  Junuxx Mar 19 '13 at 13:11
self.tkinterFrame is the reference to the Tkinter.Frame() Widget and destroy()in my case just clears the widgets of a window but not the window itself –  freeski_52 Mar 19 '13 at 14:31
Then destroy the Toplevel instead of the Frame? –  Junuxx Mar 19 '13 at 14:41
That is actual a good idea, but I've no idea how to do that! The button which closes the window is implementet in the second class and so also the onClick function of this button. The function to start the window is in the main Class so how can i check button clicked and then destroy frame in the main class? –  freeski_52 Mar 20 '13 at 14:32
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YEESSS, Finally I found the solution to my issue!!!!

First Step: In the Main Class which starts the ChildWindow I changed the code in the function def opendirFactsheetHochwasserGebaeude (self) : from Tkinter.Tk() to Tkinter.Toplevel(parent) => the parent references the root Window. After changing the Tkinter typ the facthwgeb.mainloop()was also cleared because it is provided by the MainWindow (Parent)

Second Step: In the Second Class which implements the ChildWindow the function def closeFactsheetHochwGeb (self):did privously owned the commands self.tkinterFrame.destroy()which cleared the widget of the frame but not the window itself and the self.tkinterFrame.quit()closes the MainWindow and the ChildWindow => so both commands are useless!!

Final Step: The final resolution is to change the self.tkinterFrame.destroy ()to self.tkinterFrame.master.destroy() !!

Sometimes complex things can be very simple!! :-)

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