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I have a windows service "Service1" configured to log on as "Local Service".

I built a console application to start it programmatically.

        var service = new ServiceController("Service1");

I know that if I run the ConsoleApplication1 from an administrator command prompt it starts smoothly.

And if I run it without elevation I get an:

System error 5 has occurred.

Access is denied.

But, I need to start it without elevation.

Is it possible, or I have to change the way to achieve this?

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Sorry, but maybe I wasn't clear. It's exactly a programming issue. I'm trying to start a service from a C# WPF application, but I need to do it without elevation. –  Be.St. Mar 22 '13 at 16:30
I've also found a solution, if you reopen the question I can share it. –  Be.St. Mar 22 '13 at 16:41

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You can set the ACL for the service itself to allow this. The SetACL.exe utility makes this (somewhat) straightforward; e.g.:

SetACL.exe -on "MyService" -ot srv -actn ace -ace "n:S-1-5-32-545;p:start_stop;s:y"

This allows members of the Users group (S-1-5-32-545) to start and stop MyService.


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Windows services cannot be started or stopped without administrative rights.

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I've never done so myself, but believe that it is possible. You'll need someone with Administrative rights in the first place though. See this article for more details.

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I don't think you can do it - It is my understanding that this is due to security reasons. Allowing malware to automatically elevate itself would be problematic.

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I followed torak link and I understand this key difference concerning rights in a service:

  • a service has rights concerning the "Run as" user
  • a service has different permission to control the service (i.e. to start/stop it)

So, to start the service I need to modify the service control permission.

Well, I have done a windows service called Service1 and I made an installer with WIX. During setup I call ServiceInstall

      <ServiceInstall Id="ServiceInstaller" Type="ownProcess" Vital="yes"
       Name="Service1" DisplayName="Service1"
       Description="Service1 description"Start="demand"
       Account="NT AUTHORITY\LocalService"
       ErrorControl="ignore" Interactive="no" >

Then I have a client program called TestProgram where I try to start the service:

var service = new ServiceController("Service1");

And obviously it doesn't start the service without elevation of TestProgram (that runs under a normal user account).

So the solution is to instruct WIX to allow members of the user group (for example) to start/stop the service, using the PermissionEx tag:

<util:PermissionEx User="Users" ServiceStart="yes" ServiceStop="yes">

Hope this helps. Thank you all.

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