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I got a jquery dialog window with some tabs, dynamic data, etc. In it there´s a button, which calls another dialog. That dialog has two buttons for save and close...If I click on close, it does which is supposed to do. But if I click on save, the content is saved and dialog closed, but the parent dialog is closed also, which I don´t want. How is this usually solved? Code of child dialog is here:

$('<div id="popis" style="display:none">').dialog({
        title: 'Popis rizika',
                'Uložit': function(){

    'Zrušit': function(){
                $( this ).dialog( "close" );
    open: function(event, ui){
        $(this).load('rizika_popis.php?stupen='+<?echo $IdStStupen;?>+'&index='+i);
    close: function(ev, ui){
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that is because your are submiting the form $("#popisRizika").submit(); when save is click.. and that makes wholepage to reload and thus resulting in closing of the parent dialog and the child too.. what you need here is posting a form through $.ajax , $.post or $.get.. this will not reload the page and hence you can close the child dialog manually after success callback

something like this ,using $.post :

 'Uložit': function(){
                   $( this ).dialog( "close" );
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