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i'm working on a project using Django CMS. Right now im getting the following error while trying to visit my page:

 Exception Type: DoesNotExist
 Exception Value: Placeholder matching query does not exist.

It gives the error at the following line:

<div class="practical-info">{% show_placeholder "practical-info" "snippets" %}</div>

Im not quite sure what to do next. I've used a sqldumb to get all the data in the database, used

manage.py syncdb


manage.py migrate

to set everything up, and did it without any errors.

Hopefully someone could give me some insight in this problem! Since i don't even know what causes it exactly, it's hard for me to find a solution to it!

thx in advance!

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I believe you are getting this error because the cms is expecting a page with the name "snippets" that contains a placeholder called "practical-info". This is likely something that you'll have to create in the admin (or load via a fixture).

If this was a working site before, likely there is a cms template with the "practical-info" placeholder on it. Create a new Page using the cms template containing that placeholder and then, under the "Advanced Settings" formset on the Page detail admin, set "snippets" to the value of id.

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