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As a developer and constant user of minipfoler, I use stakoverflow as the benchmark for my .NET sites. That is because the entire stack network is just a blazingly fast.

I know miniprofiler is used on stackexchange. There is a whole developers thing that can be used on stack but can we enable the stats to see how fast it really is?

I might be bit over obsessive here - but I am looking to improve permanences in milliseconds and the only viable benchmark is a large and complex site like stack exchange.

I know it might be a security issue to see live data but I just really want a benchmark (screenshot / guidelines) to see how far I can optimize my .NET MVC web application.

My actual IIS and MVC performance is fantastic and I think I am more concerned about server replies and client side stuff. So can I (and should I) put more effort into smashing down this response time?

This site is hosted in Azure Cloupapp and using Azure DB - I know about 60~180ms is used on connection times that are out of my control.

How can I improve times between Paint, Load and Complete?

enter image description here

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I find that I answer my own question on StackExchange more often now a days. Not sure what that means. But this in interesting what I found while dealing with other Q&A's (And it answered this question)

Yes, you should avoid the obvious beginner mistakes of string concatenation, the stuff every programmer learns their first year on the job. But after that, you should be more worried about the maintainability and readability of your code than its performance. And that is perhaps the most tragic thing about letting yourself get sucked into micro-optimization theater -- it distracts you from your real goal: writing better code.

Posted by Jeff Atwood

There is no real problem in performance or serious delays. Its just an obsession that wont lead to much satisfaction.

The 'dudes' got a point. As long as my code is readable and it runs fast - what the heck more do I want?

PERFECTION! - Waste of time, lol@me!

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