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<%= Ajax.ActionLink("Create", "Create", ViewData.Model, new AjaxOptions { HttpMethod = "POST" })%>

<%= Html.ValidationSummary("Create was unsuccessful. Please correct the errors and try again.") %>

<% using (Ajax.BeginForm("Create", "Customer", ViewData.Model, new AjaxOptions { HttpMethod ="POST" }))

            <label for="Title">Title:</label>
            <%= Html.TextBox("Name")%>
            <%= Html.ValidationMessage("Name", "*")%>
            <label for="Description">Description:</label>
            <%= Html.TextArea("ContactNo")%>
            <%= Html.ValidationMessage("Name", "*")%>


<% } %>


    public ActionResult Create(Customer info)
       //INFO IS NULL???
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You can't pass the model object. This argument expects the route values such as an ID.

if you pass in Ajax.ActionLink("Create", "Create", new { id=23 }, ....

it will create /create/23.

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