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I'm using the batch request example in Java from the link below. It has worked fine for two weeks, but suddenly it doesn't and I haven't change anything in the past weeks.

I'm getting the following error: Batch Interrupted (some operations might have succeeded) : a response has already been sent for batch operation update id='R2C1'
at external.GoogleDriveService.insertDataEntries(
at external.GoogleDriveService.populateDocument(
at controllers.Application.getSourceSpreadsheet(
at play.mvc.ActionInvoker.invokeWithContinuation(
at play.mvc.ActionInvoker.invoke(
at play.mvc.ActionInvoker.invokeControllerMethod(
at play.mvc.ActionInvoker.invokeControllerMethod(
at play.mvc.ActionInvoker.invoke(

Thanks in advance

Solution: I forgot to modify the worksheet size relative to the rows and columns in the batch request. This is done for example by:

WorksheetEntry worksheet = worksheets.get(0);
worksheet.Cols = 10;
worksheet.Rows = 150;
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Figured it out. See question for solution.

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