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I am using Oracle EXPDB to export the database. I will get the dmp file for around 50GB. Once dmp file generated i will manually zip that. But i need to do that automatically from batch (.bat) file. I had tried with this code,

   7z a -t 7z -r "D:\backup.zip" "D:\MyStuff\*.*"

Also, installed 7Zip related things. But still its not working.

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I got the correct answer.

Download 7za.exe and put in C:/Windows/System32.

//Export database

expdp username/password@sid DUMPFILE=Test.dmp TABLES=movement

//Zipping the dmp file

7za a -tzip "I:\Test.zip" "I:\Test.dmp"

//Deleting the Original File, after zipping

del "I:\Test.dmp"
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Although that works I wouldn't recommend manually adding files to the System32 folder. Better to stick the 7za.exe in another non-system location, or simply with your batch file. –  Will Jenkins Apr 26 at 15:42

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