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Further to the below question which has been answered MySQL: Set user variable from result of query

i need to store array of comma separated values into a variable returned from a query. for e.g

SET @qids := (select distinct GROUP_CONCAT(question.id, '')
from questions 
where chapter_id in(100,101,102);

select * 
from answers 
where question_id in (@qids);

This works but he problem is the @qids variable is having only one question_id value instead of many question_id's in format like 60,61,62

Pls help

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2 Answers

There is no need for that variable, you can do this, by JOINing the two tables questions and answers directly like this:

from questions AS Q
INNER JOIN answers AS a ON q.question_id = a.question_id
where q.chapter_id in(100, 101, 102);

SQL Fiddle Demo

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Hey Mahmoud thanks but i know about the using joins. i need the solution for my problem for a different/ larger problem i am trying to solve.the question is just an abstraction of problem –  Jagdish Adusumalli Mar 19 '13 at 11:59
@JagdishAdusumalli - So does it work the way you want? and why do you do that this way using the IN predicate? and not JOINing the table directly, as I showed in my answer. –  Mahmoud Gamal Mar 19 '13 at 12:01
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Finally got it working with the way below

select * from answers where find_in_set (question_id,@qids);

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