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Friends. I am doing one android application. In that application I want to show total number of list items as a final column. so my question is "Is it possible to add a TextView to the ListView as final column.?" like the following image.

enter image description here

I was searching lot through internet friends. But the solution is mostly like combine two ListView and add views dynamically to the ListView. Thats why I need your help friends.

Thanks in Advance

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You can use


Make sure that you are adding the view before you setting the adapter to the list. For more check out this.

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Use this :



Hope this helped you.

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Try this...

    ListView v = getListView();   
    TextView tv=new TextView(this);
    tv.setText("total number of items: 114");
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I think a simple solution is to count the number of list items before setting your adapter, with yourTable.length();

Then maybe you can add a row in this table with your "Total Number of items xxx" instead of the date and an empty title.

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