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I have recently installed Mantis for bug reporting. I also integrated it with SVN to automatically handle Bug/Issues as resolved.

Now I need some web-based, open source, non-Java (my servers supports Ruby, Python, RoR, PHP, Perl and MySQL, PostgreSQL) application where my testers could write Test Cases and link them with Selenium Tests (or other popular Web UI testing framework) - something like Bromine but Bromine has huge disadvantages.

Bromine Disadvantages

1) Does not support distributed testing (I need to install it on my Windows and for single tester is useful but I need tool that will be placed on Internet and testers remotely will run the tests and write new test cases)

2) Project has been abandoned

Of course Mantis integration will be quite useful but it's optional.

Let's summarize that. I need some information about best practices of QA test managing system. I need advise which tools are currently used. I need some architecture tips.

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I am not sure there are any open source systems that have all the qualities you define. I know about TestLink that is a relatively good Open Source system, but you would still need to install it locally and give your users access to it.

There are some relatively inexpensive systems that have been developed exactly with your needs in mind. But they are not open source.

For example I work for PractiTest, where we develop a hosted (SaaS) QA management platform that does exactly what you are looking for. It is accessible world-wide (and fully browser based), it integrates with most automation tools, as well as SVN, and it even offers an API if you want to do some more "interesting" integrations and manipulations.

In short, a tool that has what you were looking for but it is not open-source.

I think that in the end you may need to compromise about your needs. And if you are willing to go for a commercial (but relatively inexpensive) system you may be able to find what you are looking for.

BTW, you can try PractiTest for free to understand if it matches your needs. Just go to this page to sign up.

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I have decided to use squashtest.org with Mantis BT –  WBAR Mar 20 '13 at 22:29
(in my country and for my project I CAN NOT use hosted products. I must use special dedicated servers with government aprovement) –  WBAR Mar 20 '13 at 22:31

You can use Selenium IDE with Ruby. It is possible to write automated scripts in that which are good and stable.

According to your requirements, you can use ruby with Selenium IDE, as it is Open source QA. Using that you can definitely write automated tests for functionality as well as UI testing.

Hope this will help you.

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