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I am trying to move decimal places around a number. I have the following set up.

dividend = 9130.124;
numFactor = 1;
dividend = (dividend * Math.pow(10, numFactor));

I get the following result


I thought I would get something like


If I change the dividend to 9130.123

I get the correct answer 91301.23

Is there a way around this or am i missing something?

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use this to get the result.. Math.round(dividend * 100) / 100 – Rinku Mar 19 '13 at 11:34
I think Wesley wants to move decimal places around the number. All answers were about rounding it to a fixed no of decimal places – Sharun Mar 19 '13 at 11:51

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It's because your dividend is 9130.12399999... So you have to use divided.toFixed() before changing it..

dividend = 9130.12399999
dividend.toFixed(3); // here dividend will be 9130.124
numFactor = 1;
dividend = (dividend * Math.pow(10, numFactor));

You will get 91301.24

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Math.ceil(91301.23999999999*100)/100 // = 91301.24
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use .toFixed(2) to Round the value to two digits.

dividend = dividend.toFixed(2);

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dividend = (dividend * Math.pow(10,numFactor));
dividend = Math.round(dividend * Math.pow(10,dp) + 0.5) / Math.pow(10, dp)
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You can also use Big.js which is an arbitrary precision math library for Javascript.

Then your code becomes:

var dividend = new Big("9130.124");
dividend = dividend.times(new Big(""+Math.pow(10,1)));
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Try this:

    dividend = 9130.124345;
    dividend = dividend.toString();
    numFactor = 2;//can be changed as u need

    var indx = dividend.indexOf( '.' );

    dividend = dividend.replace( /\./g, "" );//remove .
    dividend = dividend.substring( 0, indx + numFactor ) + '.' +
                        dividend .substring( indx + numFactor, dividend.length );

Works fine with any value for numFactor. And no need for additional libraries

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