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I understand it is possible to use paypal express checkout, with digital goods enabled, and not require a billing address, but I cannot get it to work at all:

private static SetExpressCheckoutRequestType CreateExpressCheckoutRequest(PersonDetails personDetails)
        const CurrencyCodeType currency = CurrencyCodeType.GBP;
        var priceOfCheck = "4.99";
        var customObject = SerialiseCustomObject(personDetails);

        SetExpressCheckoutRequestType request = new SetExpressCheckoutRequestType();

        SetExpressCheckoutRequestDetailsType details = new SetExpressCheckoutRequestDetailsType
                ReturnURL = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["PayPalExpressReturn"],
                CancelURL = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["PayPalExpressCancel"],
                ReqConfirmShipping = "0",
                AddressOverride = "0",
                ReqBillingAddress = "0",
                ReqInstrumentDetails = "0",
                SolutionType = SolutionTypeType.SOLE,
                NoShipping = "1",
                LandingPage = LandingPageType.BILLING,
                Custom = customObject,
                BrandName = "my brand",
                ChannelType = ChannelType.MERCHANT,


        PaymentDetailsType paymentDetails = new PaymentDetailsType
                OrderDescription = "an order description",
                PaymentAction = PaymentActionCodeType.SALE,
                ItemTotal = new BasicAmountType(currency, priceOfCheck),
                OrderTotal = new BasicAmountType(currency, priceOfCheck) 

        PaymentDetailsItemType itemDetails = new PaymentDetailsItemType
                Name = "a name",
                Amount = new BasicAmountType(currency, priceOfCheck),
                Quantity = 1,
                ItemCategory = ItemCategoryType.DIGITAL,
                Description = "a description",


        request.SetExpressCheckoutRequestDetails = details;
        return request;

Setting ReqConfirmShipping = "0",AddressOverride = "0",ReqBillingAddress = "0",,seems to make no difference.

Is this even possible with express checkout?

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Leaving all address-related fields of SetExpressCheckoutRequestDetailsType as null, except NoShipping, which must be set to "1", works for me on a sandbox merchant account.

That is, the buyer is not prompted for a shipping or billing address, nor is any such information returned by GetExpressCheckoutDetails / DoExpressCheckoutPayment.

Caveat: I don't have 'Digital Goods' mode enabled on the account, but suspect that doesn't make any difference here.

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I've checked and there IS NO field that reference "Requiring Billing Address" as you have referenced in your code (paypal express checkout, with digital goods enabled).

unfortunately I haven't found a way to get a user's billing address when using express checkout. the only fields you are able to retrieve are payer email address and full name.

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