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Server Tomcat v7.0 Server at localhost was unable to start within 101 seconds. If the server requires more time, try increasing the timeout in the server editor.

This is my error. I searched a lot but I can't able to find a solution for this please help me someone I changed time from 45 secs to 101 secs still not solved, I removed eclipse and tomcat and I re-installed again but same problem occurs, plz give some solution.

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can you post error logs please – topcat3 Mar 19 '13 at 11:57
see this comment – Prasad Mar 29 '15 at 8:22

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Try remove all breakpoints.Also you can increase start up time.

Open the Servers view -> double click tomcat -> drop down the Timeouts section

enter image description here

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even if i increase the start time, it show the same error. what should i do next? – Phoenix Oct 28 '14 at 7:19
Removing all breakpoints worked for me! – pongapundit Nov 28 '14 at 6:17
I don't know why, but removing all breakpoints worked for me too! – Steven Wexler Nov 30 '15 at 15:17
For me as well! +1 – Sasha Mar 7 at 9:32

I got the solution for your requirement.

I'm also getting the same error in my eclipse Luna.

Go to Windows option -> select preference.

Than Select General -> Network Connection.

Than select the Active Provider as Manual.

Then restart the tomcat and run. It will works.

Hope it will help you.

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worked for me. Can you explain what is going on here? – Fearghal Jan 5 at 17:23
this worked also for me, thank! – Gregorio Meraz Jr. Feb 29 at 21:58

I tried everything what you guys have recommended, and this link did the trick for me

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Disabling my antivirus does the trick for me ...

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Worked for me also with my Zillya antivirus – Vlad.Bachurin Jan 29 at 23:41

I had a similar problem on my system (Windows 7 pro 64 bit), with Tomcat not starting from any Eclipse version. It turns out that by default Eclipse uses the system network configuration, and if you have configured a proxy that does not resolves localhost the Tomcat startup will hang in Eclipse !It generally gives an error message.

To see if you have this problem go to Window -> Preferences -> General -> Network Connections and see if one of the boxes is checked. I was able to override my proxy configuration by setting Active Provider to Direct (it unchecks all boxes).

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I also had the issue of the Eclipse Tomcat Server timing out and tried every suggestion including:

  • increasing timeout seconds
  • deleting various .metadata files in workspace directory
  • deleting the server instance in Eclipse along with the Run Config

Nothing worked until I read a comment on a related issue and realized that I had added a breakpoint in an interceptor class after a big code change and had forgotten to toggle it off. I removed it and all other breakpoints and Tomcat started right up as it usually did.

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Thank you for the answer +1, removed the breakpoints and debugger worked. – anas Mar 17 '14 at 5:02

I had tried increasing the Server Start up time for tomcat server, removed server and created new server, removed server and changed run-time environment configurations. Those thing didn't work for me. At last, i found deployment descriptor(url pattern of servlet-mapping) is the one that making the trouble.

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I had the same problem I deleted the server from the server tab, and also the server folder under your eclipse workspace, restarted eclipse, set up a new server, and it appears to be running OK now.

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Just for knowledge.. Also had the same issue and solved it stopping and starting again the mysql service... I think that was some conflict between mysql-service and tomcat.

Good Luck

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Folks, I had this same problem and tried raising the timeout, deleting the server and creating again and did not work. I was running Eclipse Kepler in Linux. The solution proposed by @Phoenix is what worked for me:

Window -> Preferences -> General -> Network Connections

Set Active Providers in manual and then configure or not the proxy. I had this option in "Native".

Then I realized I had the variable http_proxy set. It was set in the ~/.bashrc file. This environment variable is the culprit of many problems.

Once I set http_proxy to empty

export http_proxy=

to check it:

echo $http_proxy

I was able to leave option "Active Provider" in "Native" and solve the timeout problem. This is useful because Eclipse adopts the native configuration, in case you change it often.

In my case, where I had configured http_proxy in ~./bashrc, I had to close Eclipse and even log out and log in again.

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Well, I tried all the solutions:

  • increasing timeout seconds;
  • deleting the server instance in Eclipse along with the Run Config.

None of them worked.


  • there was no breakpoint in my code;
  • I don't use any antivirus.

I realized that some people - who had the same problem - were using Eclipse Helios (so was I).

I switched to Eclipse Kepler and it worked perfectly.

Maybe it can be a solution. I wanted to use Helios, but Kepler is okay.

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Just remove or delete the server from eclipse and reconfigure it or add it again to Eclipse.

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Is your browser making calls to the server while it is starting? if yes, you probably should close it e.g. if your browser is currently set to http://localhost, close it before attempting to start the server.

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In my case tomcat was configured to start not on localhost(guess it came from servers.xml connector entry) so Eclipse fails to find it running after start. Changed Host name on Servers tab on my ip.

Had the same error message, though tomcat did start sucessfully, bud then Eclipse shuts it down.

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