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Is there a way to generate a permanent link to the current version of a page? I can get a link to previous versions (for example https://www.dokuwiki.org/faq:support?rev=1354115567) by clicking Old Revisions.

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Using ?rev=0 in the URL will always take you to the current revision at the time. Maybe a null-edit would help (the content doesn't change and you may get a edit history entry).

Now, if you have actual access to the fileserver where your DW is hosted, you can fetch the id of the most recent revision (the at-the-moment-current-one) by first checking the id of the latest edit in Old Revisions, then going to the ${DOKUWIKI}/data/attic directory and checking the numbers that correspond to the pagename that you want. There will be one file with a more recent id (a higher numeric value) which, if I'm not mistaken, corresponds to the current revision. For example, for a last edit of mypage.1263571254.txt.gz you might find one higher index of, say, mypage.1291408231.txt.gz.

EDIT: the same value does show somewhere in the rendered page's source. If you have section editing enabled and the buttons do show up in the page, search the source (CTRL+U on most browsers) for form class="button btn_secedit", then continue reading until you read an input element with name="rev" and a value= that should correspond to the number of the current revision.

Using that found id as the argument of ?rev= should reveal if it is the correct one and as a result get you the permalink to this revision.

Note: I have not tried this in my own install.

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