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I have one database name - manaskavya. In this database I had created 10 table with xampp server. Due to some reason i installed Wamp server in that it was showing only 9 table, It misses one table name 'manas_likes'. Then I again installed the Xampp server but the missing table is not displaying, and when i am creating the new table with same name its, showing table exists, and when I am trying to drop it,repair it or truncate it, its showing table not exists.

I don't know why its happening , if you know please help me out.

Thank you

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Once i faced the same problem. I tried Change table name in the create table query, exequte it and then rename the table. Then drop the table and recreate it.

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did you get the solution then ?? I tried this thing also but its showing the same problem means table doesn't exist.. – shashikant Mar 19 '13 at 12:28
ya i got it.... – divyabharathi Mar 19 '13 at 12:37
sometimes dropping your database recreating it and restarted mysql service – divyabharathi Mar 19 '13 at 12:40

After checking all these details I got some thing, I am right or wrong don't know but it worked for me..

1. When we create new table in database, its create one file with .frm extension you can check this file in C:\xampp\mysql\data\database_name\anytable.frm for wamp C:\xampp\bin\mysql\mysql5.0.2\data\database_name\anytable.frm .

2. After inserting data in this particular table it creates two more files with extension .MYD and .MYI .


    when we create the backup of the particular database..
  • If you are making backup with phpmyadmin then such type of problem will never be happen.
  • if you are making backup directly from folder means C:\xampp\mysql\data\database_name then some time it misses the .MYD and .MYI extensions files
4. After importing again in database there would be only .frm extension file, Due to absence of .MYD and .MYI extension file it becomes invisible. and it also won't allow you to create new table with same name because .frm extension file is already present in your database.

5. So in such type of case go to directly at folder position and delete that specific .frm extension file (Please be sure to delete the correct file).

6. Then after you will be able to create the table with same name.

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