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I have a site in shared plan with a mysql database. The database has a table with ~300000 rows. The table is ~250mb. In every page I call query:

select * from table order by added limit 0,30

In every row is field with 400 characters code which I need. Basically I need all fields. Until few days ago everything is ok but slow with 500 visitors/day. Now my site is down because I have an alert about cpu abuse(with 1000 visitors/day). In my local server all goes very well with no big cpu usage (~10%).

What can I do to make best performance for my queries?

If I go to VPS plan everything will be ok or the real problem is my table?

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Is "added" field indexed? MySQL will scan whole table every time if the table is not indexed by the field in ORDER BY. By indexing your table

ALTER TABLE `table_name` ADD INDEX `added` (`added`);

you'll dramatically reduce cpu usage.

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yes. added is indexed. also the table is myisam, and I use pdo to execute queries. – bill Mar 19 '13 at 12:46
I run explain in my local server and host server and I have very good times. – bill Mar 19 '13 at 12:49

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