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I'm creating a sinatra web app with a mongodb database. I use mongomapper to do the mappings. The web server is thin and I'm using slim as a templating language.

file ./config/

$_DB_SERVER = "localhost"
$_APP_PATH = "~/Documents/Aptana_Workspace/Parameters_crud"

require 'bundler/setup'

require "#{$_APP_PATH}/main.rb"
require "#{$_APP_PATH}/models/parameter.rb"

map '/' do
  run CORE::Main

file main.rb:

module CORE

  class Main < Sinatra::Base
    use Rack::Flash

    configure :development do

      enable :sessions, :logging, :dump_errors, :inline_templates
      enable :methodoverride
      set :root, $_APP_PATH
      logger =$stdout)


    get '/' do
      slim :index


error encountered:

Errno::ENOENT at /
No such file or directory - ~/Documents/Aptana_Workspace/Parameters_crud/views/index.slim

I'm 100% sure this file does exist. What could be the cause of this error? If you need more information, please leave a comment...

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Try using File.expand_path like this -

$_APP_PATH = File.expand_path("~/Documents/Aptana_Workspace/Parameters_crud", __FILE__)
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