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I have a GraphML file, I have to display it on a webpage as well as change the display properties using JavaScript (like changing the color of the node, edge etc).

Is it possible?

Please let me know, if there is any JavaScript library to load, parse and draw GraphML on a web page.

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A serious contender for this task (at least in a commercial context) would be the yFiles for HTML Javascript Graph Drawing Library:

  • its main graph exchange format is GraphML (see this live demo)
  • if your GraphML uses a specific "dialect" (GraphML as such does not have a standard that describes how to specify visualization details like coordinates, colors, even labels), the GraphML parsing process can be customized easily to parse more GraphML extensions.
  • if you GraphML does not contain coordinates, but just the structure of the graph, you can use layout algorithms to automatically calculate a nice layout dynamically before the graph is displayed
  • the library comes with full editing capabilities, so you can modify the graph both programmatically as well as interactively using mouse and touch gestures

Full disclosure: I work for the company that creates that library, but I do not represent my employer on SO

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