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This might sound strange, but can I still display fallback image in that case?

Since video elements in mobile (Android & iOS) will open its native video player app when clicked, I want to show GIF version of the video (which I will place as the fallback image) for Android & iOS. I know how to detect whether the browser is mobile or not via Javascript, I just need some advice on best practice.

What I'm doing

    <source mp4>
    <source ogg>
    <source webm>
    <img src="*.gif">

Then in the js

    $('video img').show();

Of course it doesn't work since the img is inside video. I figure I can clone the img and append it before the video element and then hide the video element, something like this :

    $('video img').clone().prependTo('video'); // just some pseudocode

Is it a good practice though? Is there any simpler solution?

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Try this-

    $('video *').hide();
    $('video img').show();

rather than creating a copy of the image.

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OP, the poster may be what you're looking for:


<video src="videofile.ogg" autoplay poster="posterimage.jpg">

Poster: A URL indicating a poster frame to show until the user plays or seeks. If this attribute isn't specified, nothing is displayed until the first frame is available; then the first frame is displayed as the poster frame. -Via

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This answer should be marked as correct: it's cleaner and doesn't depend on JavaScript. – João Jun 5 at 12:43

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