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I have chosen HTA to make a small website because it allegedly ignores the Same Origin Policy. To test this I have written a small test site with these 4 iframes:

iframe id="google" src="http://www.google.nl" application="yes">
iframe id="test" src="test.html">
iframe id="test2" src="C:/test.html">
iframe id="test3" src="D:/test/test.html">

The content is accuratly displayed for all four iframes. However when I use JS to get the body of the iframes, I run into a weird problem:

$(document).ready(function() {


The alert for all test id-s works as it's supposed to. The one for #google however, returns undefined.

The main file i'm running the HTA from is in C:/some/directory/deep/in/test.hta

What am I doing wrong?

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You've maybe misunderstood the security policy of the HTA. Using application=yes allows the code in the iframe to access the main window, but you can't access a cross-origin iframe document, even using HTA. Just think what would happen, if it was possible!

Only advice I can give is: never set application=yes for third party iframes (or frames) in HTA. It's really dangerous, the code in iframe can do anything it wants within your machine.

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