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I'm a newbie trying to code a Chrome Extension for facebook.

My requirements
1. Display a 'string' near Like/Share/Comment area (class='uiStreamFooter' found in HTML)
2. Link the string to the permalink of the post.

I've done both. Here's the problem I'm facing :

       var link = $('.uiStreamSource').find('a').attr('href');
       $('.uiStreamFooter').append("<span class='string'><a href='"+ link +"'>Permalinked String</a></span>");  

What I'm trying to do here is to find 'each' element with 'genericStreamStory' class, append a string called 'Permalinked String' to the SPAN element 'uiStreamFooter' that is found in every post (with class = genericStreamStory).

I'm able to get the string under all the posts in my newsfeed. But, the link (for all the posts) is just the Permalink of the First post!

I'm sure it has to be something to do with jQuery selection and traversal only. Couldn't much figure it out myself.

.genericStreamStory - the class for every facebook post
.uiStreamSource - the span that holds an anchor for the permalink
.uiStreamFooter - the span that holds the Like, Comment, Share buttons where I intend to add my 'String'.

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   var link = $('.uiStreamSource').find('a').attr('href');

You are not limiting the search for .uiStreamSource elements here to the specific .genericStreamStory – so it just gets you the attribute of the first element found in the document.

So use something like

var link = $(this).find('.uiStreamSource a').attr('href');

instead, that should work as you want it to.

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worked. Also learnt the use case of 'this'. Thanks :) – Krish Mar 19 '13 at 13:29

Try this

       var link = $(this).find('.uiStreamSource a').attr('href');
       $(this).find('.uiStreamFooter').append("<span class='string'><a href='"+ link +"'>Permalinked String</a></span>");  
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worked. Thanks! – Krish Mar 19 '13 at 13:30

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