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I'm making an app to analyse time series data with Shiny. The data I work with looks like:

                   V1     V2
1 2013-02-04 18:15:00 -4.746
2 2013-02-04 18:20:00 -4.745
3 2013-02-04 18:25:00 -4.746
4 2013-02-04 18:30:00 -4.747
5 2013-02-04 18:35:00 -4.747
6 2013-02-04 18:40:00 -4.747

I want to plot the data in a table:

output$view <- renderTable({

Doing so I get an error when running Shiny:

Error in Math.POSIXt(x + ifelse(x == 0, 1, 0)) : 
      'abs' not defined for "POSIXt" objects

Does anyone have a solution for this error?

UPDATE: The error is caused by xtable: renderTable uses xtable() to generate the output, and it looks like xtable doesn't play well with dates in general.

An issue has been filed here by Winston Chang: https://github.com/rstudio/shiny/issues/129

A workaround is available at: R: xtable and dates

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looks like a bug! Try this , datasubset$V1 <- as.character(datasubset$V1) –  agstudy Mar 19 '13 at 13:58

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