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I have data in a MYSQL DB that looks like this:


and want to output it via PHP as a heirarchical JSON string where 'top' has a collection of 'middle's etc.

Get my drift? Anyone have a recursive PHP function to help?

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if you've got your data in a PHP array/associative array, then you can use PHP 5.2's JSON functions:


keep reading on that page to the comments area, they practically give away the code without the fun of figuring it out yourself.

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You can use the function here http://tagarga.com/blok/on/061029 to convert your adjacency list to a nested array, then json_encode() it.

	function adj_tree(&$tree, $item) {
		$i = $item['id'];
		$p = $item['parentid'];
		$tree[$i] = isset($tree[$i]) ? $item + $tree[$i] : $item;
		$tree[$p]['_children'][] = &$tree[$i];

	$tree = array();
	$rs = my_query("SELECT * FROM categories");
	while($row = my_fetch($rs))
		adj_tree($tree, $row);

	echo json_encode($tree[0]);
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