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This seems to work, but I'd like someone to confirm this:

I have a base class BaseEntity for my entities.

public abstract class BaseEntity {

I then have several entities, say A and B and C that extend from BaseEntity. In addition, I have a single JPARepository defined as:

JPARepository<BaseEntity, Long>

Now it looks like I can use this repository to query tables A,B or C separately with simply changing the return type. For example:

public List<B> findBsByNameContaining(String name);

will result in a query that selects rows from table B only.

Is this really how it works?

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If you provide a subtype of the type you declared at the repository interface level we will use that to execute the query against (read: essentially trigger em.createQuery(typeReturnedByTheMethod)). In case the returned type is not a subtype of the domain class managed by the repository, we'll still use the plain domain type.

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Thanks for clarifying that! – wannabeartist Mar 20 '13 at 17:16

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