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I have a database hosted on Azure. I have an MVC 4 website were users log in and interact with the database. I need something that I can use to traverse through a table in my database, check for certain conditions and then make the required changed to my database. What framework or coding language could I use to achieve this? My hope is that I could have this script run continually or at certain time intervals.

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There are multiple ways of achieving this and they all depend on your need for scale/resources/etc of this script.

You can code the job in whatever language (including batch if you utilize sqlcmd or some such)

You can schedule the job to run anywhere you want, including a machine in your office, data center, etc.

You can utilize newly released Aditi's job scheduler (it's free, called Scheduler, and is available in Azure app store)

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How would I go about doing it in java? Could I run the java file on azure? – user2186771 Mar 19 '13 at 17:37
I'm sure you could, as long as you install the runtime ahead of time. It's just a windows vm (if you use the Azure's Cloud Services) or it could be a Linux box if you use Azure's IAAS (VM's) – Igorek Mar 19 '13 at 18:44

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