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I've got a few templates which list items (log lines, users) and style them accordingly in tables. Now I've added a "search" page which searches for a string in different item types and displays them on one page. In terms of layout, I want to reuse the original templates, but obviously with the data returned by the search.

How can I do that without duplicating the template itself in the HTML file?

Put another way: How can I use the actual data from the top-level template in the sub-templates.

Small example:

<template name="user_list">
{{#each user_list}}

<template name="users">
{{> user_list}}

<template name="search">
{{> user_list}}
{{> group_list}}

In .coffee:

 Template.users.user_list = ->

 Template.search.user_list = ->

Maybe this is an easy one, which would show how little I really understood about Meteor.

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Just put the template you want to use inside the {{#each}} statement. Then each item in the array will be the context for that inner template.

HTML file

<template name="users">
    {{#each UserArr}}
        {{> userItem}}

<template name="userItem">
    <li><a href="/edituser/{{_id}}">{{username}}</a> {{profile.name}}</li>

JS file

Template.users.UserArr = function()
    return Meteor.users.find({});
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another solution is to put your request in a Session attribute and check for its existence when querying for the users. By default Session.get("userQuery") would return undefined but once you enter something in the search field you change that with Session.set("userQuery", {type: "something"})

Now in the coffeescript you could say:

Template.users.user_list = ->

or alternatively use a MiniMongo query because it is much nicer :-)

the nice thing is that your HTML will rerender because it is reactive to the Session's content.

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