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I want to clear the Cache of a WebBrowser control dynamically in Windows Phone 7.1 using C#. Previously selected images are loading again in my WebBrowser, has anyone ran into this before?

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On Windows Phone 8 you can use the extension method ClearInternetCacheAsync.

This won't work on WP7.1 however. See another StackOverflow question that deals with that.

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Previously selected images are loading again in the webbrowser,is there any other ways to solve this problem. –  GY1 Mar 19 '13 at 14:49

Clearing Cache in WP7.1 is not possible. The workaround can be to force the browser to load fresh page each time. This can be accomplished in many ways such as:
- Using False Query i.e. Passing a random parameter in location of web page like /page.html?q=5
- Using tags based methods to prevent caching (google it)
- passing no-cache headers from server itself

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For clearing images this code can be helpfull to you.

BitmapImage bitmapImage = image.Source as BitmapImage;
bitmapImage.UriSource = null;
image.Source = null;

This works. happy coding

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