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I'd like to create a custom application which would use 3D navigation. I found the Navit opensource project, which has all functionalities that I need. I checked out the last Navit source code from the repository found here. After downloading the project I wanted to import it into eclipse workspace as described here. But there I ran into a problem, because when I navigate to Android folder, there is no project found, so the import can't be done. I tried importing as "new android project from existing code" as described in the manual. I even tried by manual creation of the project, but with no success. What am I missing?

Thank you for your reply!

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  • Start a new project, pick import SVN
    svn co svn://svn.repository.with.navi.code.you.want.to.import
  • Select C/C++ project
  • Choose now GNU Autotools(if there is nothing under toolchains install autotools(autoconf,automake/gettext) via your os packagemanager)
  • Open a terminal, switch to your workspace navit folder and invoke cmake ./ you now have makefile that matches your local setup
  • In Eclipse, pick "build all" and you should get a binary
  • Run as application and you your local build should start
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