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I am trying to create a scope which can find the dataset for example, less_than_a_year, less_than_six_month, in my model through my deadline attribute.

class Goal < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :category, :title, :detail, :deadline, :achieve

  #need help solving this
  scope :less_than_a_year, where()

So it would perform, goal.less_than_a_year and provide a list of data less then a year. Thank you.

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According to rails 3.2 guides

scope :less_than_a_year, lambda { where("deadline < ?", 1.year.from_now ) }
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class Goal < ActiveRecord::Base

 #need help solving this
 scope :less_than_a_year, labmda { where("deadline < ", 1.year.ago)}

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you forgot the ? and misspelled lambda – pferdefleisch Mar 19 '13 at 14:54

I'm pretty sure this is database specific, but it should work for most.

class Goal < ActiveRecord::Base
  scope :less_than_a_year, lambda{ where("deadline < ?", 1.year.from_now) }

This assumes that deadline is a Date or DateTime.

Edit: added lambda (i swear i did this before I saw the other answers, but not before the downvote)

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