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I have created key hashes as described here (in the end of step 4):-

They tell password is android

It is correct for debug.keystore but I have distr.keystore with different password

Both passwords worked and produced different key hashes when I used them with distr.keystore.

I expected to see: - you have entered wrong password

I think non android password is correct one. But how do I test Key Hash that it is correct Key Hash and another isn't.

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u said the both passwords worked with different key hashes , try to use both of them in the facebook side and enter each key hash and try to use your application . it should work if the key hash is right , and the program shouldn't work if the key hash is wrong. but why do u use another file rather than the debug.keystore ?

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Facebook allows to enter multiple key hashes. First one is development that eclipse uses by default and second one is used for google play submission. I can also get correct Key Hash from PackageInfo.signatures I mostly wondering how to validate key hash with keytool or some similar way to ensure that key signature is correct. There could be different reasons that app does not work with FB or even works when something wrong. – Max Mar 19 '13 at 15:43

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